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The other trail

-a tale of many cities, one couple, and how they carved out dual careers 

In 2014, I had been the accompanying partner to a corporate, high-mobility international assignee for a decade. 

We had completed 4 international relocations together, made 7 houses our home, and 3 children had been born into our family. I had adjusted to more cultural norms and expectations, medical systems, educational systems, food habits, and languages than I can list here. I had been out of the workforce for a decade to support our high-mobility family project and our children. It was time for a change. 

The Other Trail was the name of the website I created as an essential part of "project dual careers". 

And rejoining the workforce: carving out space, mental bandwidth, and time, not to mention investing the money in growing two careers where there had previously been one, was a project. If you are here because you have moved across borders without a job at the other end, you probably recognize that there are many factors to consider. 

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